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The emphasis is on fun and friendship at Mareli School of Dance & Performing Arts, but rest assured our standards are exceedingly high. Our students wanting to pursue a career in the performing arts have had the best possible foundation.

A dancer has the mindset of an athlete and the creativity of an artist
Without a body, the steps don't exist



We are excited to announce the dates for our next show! July 10th-12th at Stourbridge town hall.
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We are excited to announce our next ‘West End Workshop’ which took place on 20th October was a great success.

Stagey Sunday is a one-off Musical Theatre workshop day led by some of the most experienced actors in the West End. We are excited to announce that Ian Stroughair we be joining Mareli to deliver this jam packed workshop!

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Student-Centered Teaching
Focusing on the needs, abilities, and interests of each student

Dance Classes

We offer dance classes and exams through the International Dance Teachers Association in the following subjects: Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Street Dance, Theatre Craft and  Gymnastic Dance. 

Ballet has defined the foundational techniques used in many other dance genres. Ballet requires years of training to learn & master & much practice to retain proficiency. Ballet develops core strength, balance & flexibility.

You can hear & see tap dancing. Sound is created by metal taps being fitted onto the bottoms of shoes. The sound is like a percussive instrument. Tap dancing is great for developing rhythm & awareness of music.

Modern JazzModern Jazz
Modern Jazz  borders on contemporary dance with a theatrical approach. Modern jazz classes focus on core strength, stamina & flexibility. They help produce ‘well rounded’ dancers. 

Street DanceStreet Dance
Street dance is often referred to as urban dance as it evolved outside of dance studios: on the streets, in clubs, in school yards, etc. – Street dance is the popular yet hardest to capture style of dance as it relies on a student’s willingness to create their own unique style.

Theatre CraftTheatre Craft
Theatre craft focuses on the dance aspect of Musical Theatre and includes working with props such as hats, chairs, basically anything related to the character performing! dance movement, improvisation and interpretation of music are all features of a typical theatre craft lesson.

Gymnastic DanceGymnastic Dance
Gymnastic dance combines gymnastic moves & dance moves.  Gymnastics is excellent for building stamina &  increasing extra flexibility. Flexibility is a hugely important aspect for any dancer. A great example of gymnastic dance would be Circ du Soleil.


Musical Theatre Classes

Mareli School Of Dance and Performing arts offers tuition and I.D.T.A examinations in Musical Theatre.  Musical theatre combines three core aspects of theatre: singing, dancing and acting. It takes huge skill to execute all three in a combined manner. How do you sing and dance at the same time? How do you tell a story through movement? How you you show emotion without it effecting your singing voice? It’s important for any aspiring MT performer to master proficiency in all disciplines as well as learning how to these three fundamentals fuse together to create musical theatre.

The dance aspect of MT focuses on movement to song, solo work & chorus work. Students learn how to integrate movement into their singing & how to dance as part of a chorus in addition to taking the lead & performing a solo. Dance often features in a song, with multiple dancers (a chorus) backing a singer, or the chorus taking centre stage themselves.

Acting is often the most difficult of the three fundamentals, as it requires confidence & vulnerability. Unlike dance, acting requires use of the voice. Once mastered, it allows a story to be told, which is the main point of Musical Theatre. The fundamentals of acting include diction, pitch, phrasing & the ability to create a character outside of your own personality.

Singing technique is developed within a group setting. Students learn how the voice works.  Many aspire to sing solos, whilst others take more time to find their confidence. We use a specific singing technique called ‘Vocology In Practice’ & we are the only dance school in the UK to boast this method.


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Located in Rowley Regis, lessons are held at Springfield Primary School on Dudley Road.

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